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We were in the local newspaper! 

Learning as we go...

Our local WV Newspaper, the Hampshire Review, had a little special pullout section of the paper called "Fall Farming Today," we were featured, as well as other local farmers! Take a look right here! 

Hi. Nice to meet you. 

Welcome to Dollinger Farm, the labor of love of Kimberly and James Dollinger. Here, creativity meets sustainability, from goldfish keeping our water tanks clean to ducks helping with pest control. With a decade of farming under their belts, Kim and Jim are always learning and innovating. Curious about our journey? Scroll down for the full tale of how it all started and where we're headed!

Our Story Continued

Owned and operated by Kimberly and James Dollinger, Dollinger Farm is a labor of love and a joy for both Kim and Jim to work on. Jim, a career airman with the WV Air Guard and a degree in business, and Kim, a government contractor Project Manager with a degree in biotechnology, met in 2010 and married in 2012.


Both love the outdoors and animals and value a healthy lifestyle. They acquired their first livestock in 2013 and founded and licensed Dollinger Farm in 2016. Kim and Jim feel so blessed to have the opportunity to live in this beautiful place and are committed to being good stewards of the land, wanting to leave it in better condition than they found it, by continually improving their farm processes and looking for creative ways to improve their farm products and methods.


For example, this year, they added goldfish to their livestock water tanks. The fish eat the algae and mosquito larvae, so not only do they keep the tanks clean, they keep the mosquito population down without using chemicals.


Another experiment was in partnership with Julie at the Little Farm WV (find them on Instagram at thelittlefarmwv). She heard the Dollinger’s had ducks and borrowed them briefly to experiment if they’d be effective in naturally removing pests from her garden (it may have been too late this season for them to be effective this year, so they’ll try again next year before planting).


Even though Kim and Jim have been dabbling in farming for 10+ years, they glean whatever they can from seasoned farmers, neighbors with green thumbs, or any fellow-farmer with a suggestion.


Both take continuing education classes in agriculture at Eastern WV Community and Technical College and in 2023, Kim was accepted into their Farm Fellowship Program 2023 Farm Fellows and has been interning at Seldom Seen Farm to expand her knowledge of cattle stockmanship and stewardship, artificial insemination, and overall farm management.

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